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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2010 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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more of a customer friendly like the d.m.v. does in the morning with if you need to go here or there and get them to where they need to go. we are going along that line. as i bring staff on that i can make them available to do this. the goal will be first floor and fourth floor records and fifth floor. as funds are available we will implement it on the second, third and sixth floor. president murphy: will all of these floors be linked to one another? can you go from the first floor to the fourth floor? >> yes, you can pull a ticket on the first floor and go to the fifth floor for intake and it will actually queue you in that line with the delay time for the elevator. president murphy: and there will be someone assigned to sort of lead people around the first month or so until you iron out the kinks? >> yes, for several months.
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president murphy: comments, commissioners? seeing none. public comments? >> hello. i do think it is a great move forward with this q-matic compared to what we have now with people writing down names and sometimes you can't read what your names are. it does have a lot of confusion. the only concern we have and i'm glad you are bringing it back, when you do the first it goes to the first open station, say to architectural, mechanical, p.u.c. and all that, that we don't just get routed to architectural and be waiting there while mechanical and the others are open. so, we would want to see if we go to the first open station and we will ab we will be able to work that out. thank you very much.
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president murphy: thank you. any further public comments? seeing none. >> item 10, update on bic nominations subcommittee meeting held on september 22, 2010. president murphy: commissioner lee. commissioner lee: the nomination committee met last wednesday to review the status of the appointments. that is on the access appeal commission code advisory committee and board of examiner. we took the opportunity to speak with some members to see how things were going on the respective bodies. they reported that things are going well and they are working closely with d.b.i. staff, which is a good thing. the code advisory committee was probably the busiest body among the three as they reviewed the
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changes to our codes that occurred this past year or so and the legislative proposals that came before us. we did discuss with the code advisory committee about supplying us with more background material when they make recommendations to us so we can better understand how they arrive at their decisions and perhaps it could help us understand the process with participants and what they discussed at the meetings. then i was reminded that we are all welcome to attend those meetings. so you are free to do so. we were to review the status of the appointments to those three bodies and we decided that appointing members to the code advisory committee is the most urgent task at this point because the seats on that committee have all expired. they expired on august 18. but there was like a 60-day
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window period where we can appoint new people or reappoint people. we need to appoint 17 people to those 17 seats. the second priority would be the access appeals commission. two of the five seats will expire motive 1. all -- november 1. we need to ensure that there are enough seats filled so that the commission would have enough members for a quorum. then the next priority would be board of examiner. the seats on this board expired on september 15, just a couple of weeks ago, i suppose. we need to find 10 people for 10 sea seats. should i read off the seats? no. president murphy: please do. commissioner lee: the 17 seats for code advisory are reserved for people in these categories.
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major project architect. small project architect. historical preservation architect. someone from the commercial property owner or manager. major project structural engineer. mechanical engineer. electrical engineer. fire protection engineer. small project civil engineer. major project contractor. residential project contractor. remodeling contractor. disability access advocate. general business community member. three public at-large members. that is 17 seats. the two seats we need to appoint on access appeals commissioner reserved for two people with construction experience who are contractors. the 10 seats on the board of examiners are reserved for one
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archite architect, one structural engineer. one mechanical engineer. one electrical engineer. one fire protection engineer. one general contractor. one plumbing contractor. one electrical contractor. a high-rise sprinkler building owner. someone from the building trades. the nomination committee decided to ask for interested persons to submit resumes to our secretary anna aherne by october 3 for us to review. at the same time, ann will be asking the current members or incumbent about their interest on staying on the respective body. i believe that ann has already done that, sent notices to various community and business groups and contacted the current members. the nomination committee will then meet after october 3 to review the applications or resumes and make recommendations
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to the b.i.c. that concludes my update but i would like to ask one thing of the director. if we could post ann's announcement or the announcement that we are looking for applicants on the d.b.i. website so anyone who may be interested could check out our website and follow the destructions on how to apply. is that ok? president murphy: i think you said applicants have to have their resume in by october 3? that is not much notice. >> no, but most of the people i sent out about 1,600 notices through e-mail and i have already gotten back some reques requests. there were some no applicants that people request. one thing i attached for people because people on the appeals or board of examiners have to fill out the form 700, go through the
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waiver process. i wanted to make people aware of that before they applied and find out they have to go through all of this. i wanted them to know up front. all the people that are currently serving have all reapplied for reappointment and i have just asked them not to send me additional resumes because i already have their resume and their information. we only had two people, one person has moved utah of the city -- out of the city. which is another thing that is important. you have to be a resident of the city to serve on the committees. we had one person who moved out so we will have to remove him. then we will one person resign from the board of tkpers. all others -- examiners. all those said they wish to continue. we we we are meeting october 7 to review. any resumes that we get we will
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review at that time. >> commissioner murphy, i think if we meet after october 3 and find that there isn't a good pool of applicants we can extend the date. president murphy: ok. thank you. commissioner hechanova commissioner hechnova: in addition to the individuals the notifications being sent out to professional organizations ar business organizations such as a.i.a.? >> right and we have people that in the letter i asked them to pass out the information on to any colleagues or any in their companies that might be interested. commissioner hechnova: thank you. president murphy: thank you, ann. thank you, commissioner lee. >> do we have any public comment on that item? president murphy: seeing none. next item. >> we are going into 11. discussion and possible action on the annual performance evaluation of the director.
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a is public comment on all matters pertaining to the closed session. president murphy: any public comments? seeing none. >> we can go to b, possible action to convene a closed session. may i have a motion. >> move to go into closed session. president murphy: second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> we are now going into closed session. >> second. >> all of those in favor? >> aye. >> there is no public comment. >> we need to vote on continuing into the closed session for the next meeting. >> to the call?
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>> the call of the president. >> we do not need to vote on that? >> we are continuing closed session until the call of the president. we are on item number 12, commissioners questions and matters. 12a his inquiry to staff. >> commissioner walker. >> i would like to have at a hearing as soon as we can, doing a hearing on the bed bug issue. especially in residential hotels and apartment houses. maybe requesting that the collaborative, requesting the health department and whoever regulates that participates, the
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goal being that there is a short disconnect in the policies and procedures, helpful to get the entities together to agree on the best course for this. it would be helpful if it allowed us to succeed in solving these issues. any time that we need -- that is convenient or we can get the folks together. >> ok. >> that's fine. >> is there a potential target for a time line within the next 30 days? >> i have to get the s zero cost together and department of public health together. this is a high priority issue for the city, not just the sro's. it is a city wide issue.
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i think that it would be really helpful, my thinking is that there is a little bit of our reach and coordination that would help a lot. >> they do not know where to go about this issue. >> tesoro's are handling the public out reach out -- on this. i do not know what they're doing with private property owners. i am not involved in those meetings right now. we can do that with the department of public health. they have a unit assigned to this. >> is there some way that we could link up to the department of public health?
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>> all of the different agencies involved. >> on the web site? >> to do this. >> perfect. >> any other inquiries to staff? seeing none, item 12b, future meetings and agendas. we are scheduled to have a special meeting on monday. are there any items on monday? october the fourth? >> continuing the directors -- right, that is the call. >> monday, why are we doing a special meeting? >> president murphy asked for a special meeting at the beginning october because he will not be here for the month of october, i take it. i was hoping that maybe you had discussed the items he wanted. >> why not just have a regular meeting?
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my preference is that when we have something scheduled as a regular meeting, we have that as our regular meeting rather than creating special meetings as the public is disadvantaged by that. it is only one week away from the first week of october, so it is not likely that anything will be ready. my preference would be to schedule the regular meeting for october. >> icahn has that on -- i can pass that on. >> i am not available the first week of october. this is too late notice for that. >> i believe everyone else answered that we were still available? >> october 7, 3:00 p.m.
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i will definitely need to know tomorrow and i will need to know an agenda. i will speak to president murphy, those agendas have to go out tomorrow. >> again, i have a problem with scheduling a meeting so quickly after this meeting, not giving stephanie time to plan anything. it makes no sense. >> i will pass that on, i will talk to president murphy this afternoon. >> does that mean that the regular meeting on the 20 it is off? or are we moving it back? >> that would be the only meeting for october. >> the 25th? >> the fourth. no meeting on the 20th. >> again, i really have a problem with this, changing the day of our regular meeting to accommodate one person's schedule. >> ok. if there is no further comment on item 12, with no public
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presence, item number 13 is adjournment. >> moved to adjourn. >> second? >> all of those in favor? we are now adjourned. thank you.
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>> hello, i'm meg, welcome to
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"culture wire." for this episode, the director of cultural affairs, luis, will take you on a journey through presidio has been tet. -- presidio habitat. >> welcome to "culture wire." today i'm at the presidio trust, a treasure within san francisco, because the presidio trust is really a national park in the center of an urban setting. it dates to the very founding of the city. national park. toting me today to talk about
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this amazing exhibition at presidio habitat is cheryl hanes. can you tell me a little bit about the idea of the presidio habitat? >> succinctly, i have been long involved in the presidio. i was here when it was still a military base in the 1980's. i remember driving down walmart to the golden gate bridge and seeing the military guard at the gate and being utterly fascinated. >> so presidio habitat is an exhibition where you have invited, how many artists to think about the habitat? >> we put together a list of possible participants, local, national, or international, of people who are concerned with
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environmental concerns, made some sort of contribution to the landscape and conversation we're having here. we said that broke -- proposal requests and we received 25 back. from that 25, we went through and chose tend to realize in the landscape. >> including this building, which is an amazing example of recycling. >> we are proud of this space. it was designed by a local architecture team. we said, we need something that is a temporary structure, something that can be brought onto the presidio in pieces, act as an exhibition space for one year. we came up with the notion of shipping containers. it was important for us that we
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made this project for the place, of the place. what i mean by that is participants would also used repurchased materials. >> we will be speaking to one of the artists that you selected. what excited you about his idea? >> have many things. first of all, i am a fan of his architecture. because of that creativity, i knew that he could come up with something unique. i love the fact that he was specifically addressing the landscape around here, and it was also about the human interaction with this place. >> what are your expectations with the people coming to presidio habitat? >> we really hope people will
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come with their family, dogs, and come back a number of times the works will change over the year. the feedback we are getting is you cannot do all of them on one visit. it is really better to come back and have different experiences. >> thank you. i am with mark jensen of jensen architect. he was one of the architects to be chosen to do the presidio habitat. when you heard about this project, what inspired you about that call? >> our inspiration is a great blue heron. it was the site itself that attracted us. this is an incredibly beautiful outdoor room. we did a bit of reverse engineering once we knew we wanted to work here.
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which animals live here? the great blue heron jumped out at us. we walked around, and quickly, you get into another pace. you slow down, leave the city behind you. you can feel the wind and the breeze. in our increasingly frenetic, fast-paced, connected life, the chance to be of here and slow down a bit was part of the agenda. as part of the installation, it was suggested that this would be deliberately not mowed because it would allow the sustaining of insects, plants, that would graduate -- that would gravitate to the area. >> that is right. i think you quickly notice that. >> thank you for being here. presidio habitat is an exhibition at the presidio
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trust. it will be in san francisco through may 2011. we hope you will come out to experience this amazing exhibition and great natural treasure. >> to learn more about the other habitats installations in the presidio, visit
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>> i work with the department of environment and we are recycling oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >> so far, we have 35 people. we have collected 78 gallons, if not more. these are other locations that you can go. it is absolutely free. you just need to have the location open. you are set to go.
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